Dynamically loading a page in a tab display

I’m building a complex form and attempting to use the tabs display control. It’s generally working, but I’d like to variably load a page in one of the tabs based on a variable and don’t see a way to accomplish this with the UI. Has anyone found a way to accomplish this?

Hello @rikro, check if these steps can help you! :slight_smile:

  1. Add all the form elements that you want to display on different tabs. Place them outside the “Tabs” control for now.
  2. Drag and drop the “Tabs” display control onto your form.
  3. Inside each tab, add a GroupBox control (or any other container control) to act as a container for the elements you want to load conditionally.
  4. For each container (GroupBox) inside a tab, set the “Visibility” property to “False” initially. This will hide the content until you decide to show it based on your condition.
  5. In the “Properties” panel, select the form element that you want to use as a condition to load a specific tab. For example, if you have a Dropdown that allows the user to select different options, use its “Selected Value” property.
  6. Create an event handler for the form element’s “Value Changed” event.
  7. Inside the event handler, use an “If” activity to check the value of the condition. Depending on the condition, set the “Visibility” property of the appropriate container (GroupBox) inside the tab to “True” or “False”.


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