System exception for uipath

till now the bot was running normally but suddenly i am facing system.applicationException and how to resolve it

Hi @prathik_8679

Can you please help us to know on which activity are you facing the issue with.


Hi @prathik_8679 you can check the logs where exactly exception has occurred.
If this doesn’t solve your issue, you can debug and check.

Can you share the exact details of the exception for further assistance?

Parth Modi.

tq parth.modi



Can you please share the screenshot of the exception message.

@prathik_8679 Can you share the screenshot of that activity and also the before activity

For my company laptop their is no sharing options

@prathik_8679 Did you keep any condition before Throw

Hi ushu it got rectified, and the error is the selector validation is wrong now it got cleared.