i m getting above error . how to rectify it .

Hi @poojaskyrathore ,

Could you try keeping the Output variable datatype of that particular activity to UiPath.Core.GenericValue or Object an check if it is able to resolve this error ?

Hi @poojaskyrathore,

what value did you passed, can you share the activity screenshot


To start aith whenever you use a read cell activity it is recommended to use genericvalue type variable… as the data is autocastwd when you read… and on excel for few rows if the value is present as number it would read as integer or double type and generally 0 is mot populated but a hyphen is populated or is left blnk to signify zero…so use genericvalue type

And the. If you are looking for numeric first check if it is having data using IsNothing(variable) then you can use IsNumeric(variable) to check if it is a number else can assign zero if needed later for calculations