System.aggregateexception error when trying take input from Excel file and using Type Into activity

Hi All,

I am getting the error - system.aggregateexception when I try to use the activity “Type Into” within For each row activity.

What my bot is suppose to do: Open the webpage, enter user id and password and logout. take the user id and password from Excel file. The bot currently executes all the steps for the first id in the excel but fails to do the same for the second row in excel and gives the above error.

This is my workflow:
Excel application scope - added the path to file
Read range - created the output variable for the range
Open browser - mentioned the url
For each row - gave reference to out data variable from Read range
in the body “For each row”, I have selected the Type Into and gave the image of the Login Id and text as “Row(“LoginId”).ToString” and further steps to login in the workflow.

Note: I am a newbie in using the tool, so appreciate any help I can get.

you are using wrong syantax. It must be row.Item(“LoginId”).ToString. Pls put a log message before use of type into to check values

Hi Karthik, Thanks for responding. Just saw the solution in another thread and the solution worked for me as well. I used the Navigate to activity to fix this error

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