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It seems like you are missing the authentication part for making the request.
there are many example of use of the orchestrator API on the Forum.

This post from @Susana on using the obtained token later on your request may be helpful


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thanks for the link…will try this in the syform activity as i need to keep the form open while adding items to the queue.



Just wondering if this it’s also possible to link one of these input field to a secure string password? I haven’t found out how to do this.


Hi @KDJ,

If you intend to enter a password on the form and have it accessible as SecureString you can.

  • Set the property of the textbox on the form with “UseSystemPasswordChar”


  • Convert afterward your string to SecureString using the trick bellow.

I am attaching you a basic example of it, hope that will help.


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Hi Florent,

Thanks for creating such a useful Activity. I have used this activity to create one form .
I have given it two buttons Ok and cancel along with that i have made “Expose as argument” field true for both the buttons , but the issue is if i click ok button cancel also gets expose as argument can you help me with the issue.


Can we Add Type of Text as Password manually in SyForms.
@Florent_Salendres @skini76 @burque505 @Rammohan91


does the post above where I replied to @KDJ helps?


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Hi @Sarvesh_Naik,

First thanks for the feedback :slight_smile: Appreciate it!

What are you trying to achieve while using expose as argument for buttons?

Expose as argument is used so you can access the control later when the form closes as a variable on the workflow, via the Controls button of the show forms activity (see bellow).

The is generally used for controls having a value inside such as textboxes or dropdowns.


Hi @Florent_Salendres

Sorry for getting back to you this late. It’s awfully impolite of me. So apoligies are due.
This was very useful for me, so thanks a lot! I managed to get a secure.string by using the above method. This can be marked as solved!

Thank you!

Kind Regards

Hello every one,
It is awesome package, it found the interesting idea. However, i have a problem with configuration “IsClosingForm”, the form isn’t closed if i click on the button. Could you please give me any suggestion?

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Hi @Bao_Nguyen

Thanks for letting me know.

I made some quick hotfix on the version bellow I believe some days ago for someone, I think it was including this bug fix.

Symphony.Activities.Extension.SyForms. (216.4 KB)

This version is not yet available on Go! nor the gallery.


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hi Florent
I test this version on UiPath Studio, and notice that when you are in design mode this also close the window.

Please could you confirm if there is a new version?


Thank you Florent_Salendres,

I will make a test on your new package.

Hi @Florent_Salendres, I’m also running into the same issue as @Bao_Nguyen. I have a form that doesn’t close using the Submit button even though IsClosingForm is set to true.

How exactly do I implement this hotfix? Thank you!

Okay nevermind I got it to work by reinstalling Syforms using the hotifx you attached. Form is now closing using submit button, thank you!

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How can I pass data from workflow to be input box preddefined? I tried to set Data parameters with name of input and string value but it does not work.


On click of a button “Submit”, I’m closing the Form and the values provided in the form for other controls flow as it is expected to happen.

Now, the problem I face is that: If we are closing the form manually by clicking on the “X” mark on Top of the form is also allowing the data flow to continue to next steps.

Only when we click on “Submit” Button, I need the form to close.
When we manually try to close the form, I need to show a error message on screen and Terminate the workflow.

Can someone please help me to achieve it?

Hello, can we input details in syforms and through submit button save it


Loved the activity. It is so useful and convenient. One thing I noticed, I don’t know if it a bug or something, When I choose a radio button and try to change it’s size from layout, The size of the text of the radio button is changing.

Also, I want user to be able to add multiple rows in the form like I want user to enter data in data table. Is the same achievable? I saw data grid view in your package but don’t know how to use it.

please advice hoe to install the hotfix. thanks