Sybase set up for UI PATH


Where do I download or set up the driver of Sybase in UI PATH and how do I create a connection string for sybase?


Any luck with Sybase connection?
Was any open source ActivityPackage useful in this case?

To connect to Sybase you need to install the SQL Anywhere drivers from SAP (SAP SQL Anywhere, developer edition Trial) then create an ODBC connection on your computer


After doing that you simply use the standard Database activities in UiPath using the ODBC connection as your source

Here you see the connection and query with data returned

Bob is right. I created an ODBC connection for this one.


Is sybase and sybase SQL advantage means the same?

I have a scenario where i need to connect to SQL advantage to fetch data. Request you to help on this.

Which driver should i install?
Is sybase open client useful for this in any manner?


I don’t know that much about Sybase but it seems to me that Advantage is just a database editor for the Sybase database.
That means you should just follow the instructions gave above and use the driver with an ODBC connection to connect.


Is there any other procedure to connect to Sybase without using ODBC driver(Due to some restrictions, I am unable to use it)?

like connection strings etc.

If you don’t have the driver I don’t see how you can connect to the database. The connection string is only of use if the correct driver is installed.

Thank you Bob

Hi Paolo,

I am also trying to connect to ODBC source. But, I ma getting an error. PFA. Have you come across this error during ur configuration or that u r aware of?

Try fixing your port.