Switch Activity, custom conditions

Hi, I am looking to use Switch activity to specify custom conditions e.g.

From 18 to 35
35 to 60

How do I do this?


First give the condition in switch expression
Create a strvar as β€œ18 to 35”
Create other variable and pass the string values



That was a nice question :slight_smile:

You need to use switch activities within the switch again as we are checking the boolean type here :

If value is between somevalues, in the true condition, do the required or in the else condition, add another condition use another switch as shown in the figure and so on…


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@DEATHFISH Please use below condition in switch.

if((age>=18 and age<35),"One",if((age>=35 and age<60),"Two",if((age>=60 and age<75),"Three",if((age>=75),"Four","Default")))) 

Here One, Two, Three, Four are case names you can change according to your requirement.