SVN TFS-Which is better?

Hello All
Can anyone tell me which version control is best and better and why TFS OR SVN For UIPath?I have gone through this url in UIpath About Version Control
Can any one tell me which is better and best and why and any features

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  1. TFS is an Application Lifecycle Management solution, SVN is source control only.

  2. TFS does source control as well as issue tracking, document management, reporting, continuous integration, virtual labs for testing etc.

  3. TFS’s Source Control & SVN are both centralized source control.

  4. TFS is the most tightly integrated into Visual Studio.

  5. SVN has a few third-party options for integrating into Visual Studio and they are quite nice, but not as tightly integrated as TFS.

Choose on your own as per desired!


To add to what @Sheshrocks has mentioned, the choice of SVN of TFS in general as a source code control system will also depend on the organization/CoE mandate. Both are excellent tools and TFS being a Microsoft product is tightly integrated with the Microsoft ecosystem.

Great info.

I’m currently looking into all three repo’s to better understand the benefits and drawbacks. Right now, I have a client whose current need would be satisfied by SVN as basic source control. Eventually, they may want the more advanced features offered by TFS.

I also hope to help set up an internal repo for best practice sharing + giving our internal RPA developers practice using a repo, which I plan to use the free plan on GitHub.

Do you have advice on how to get started or lessons learned you could share with the different repos?

Thank you!