Survey Results: Employee Success Dependent on Automation Skills | UiPath

Over the past several years, enterprises have been investing in automation and artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance operations and free up employees to focus on more of the value-adding types of work that drive businesses forward. Since the start of the pandemic in particular, digital adoption has accelerated to solve for evolving market conditions, new customer needs and changed employee circumstances. In fact, a new McKinsey study found that 85% of C-suite executives reported a significant acceleration of digitization and automation during the pandemic in an effort to stay agile and maintain continuity amid business disruptions.


Given the increase in automation and AI adoption, UiPath surveyed more than 500 United States (U.S.) professionals in senior positions (C-level executives, directors, managers and vice presidents) to gauge the importance of having employees—even those in non-technical roles—have automation and AI skills. Conducted in October 2020, the survey results underscore how the pandemic has served as an accelerator for digital transformation and shaped the way business leaders regard employees as they prepare for the future of work. Here’s what we learned.

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