New Research Shows Skills Gaps A Concern For Workers | UiPath

Teresa Wu is director of product marketing at UiPath.


As organizations around the world adjust to new ways of working as a result of the 2019 novel coronavirus (COVID-19), many are re-examining their operations with an eye towards digitalization. With employees, partners, customers, and prospects all working remotely, more and more companies are eager to accelerate their digital transformation efforts to drive productivity in a COVID-19, and post-COVID-19, world. In fact, Forrester Research recently released new research validating growing interest amongst businesses to digitally transform. According to their report, “leaders will rethink old ways of tying work to specific locations or types of labor, whether that’s human or digital” and “the adoption of automation will take on a new urgency in the context of enterprise risk and resilience.”


As organizations increasingly invest in digital tools, the questions become: how will their people respond to digital transformation efforts, and do they have the skills they need to work effectively with new enterprise technologies?

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