Subtracting Bug?

Hello Community, here is your friend Luis Fernando Pazos “The first Venezuelan RPA Developer”

Gotta be honest, I don’t feel quite motivated about this one. I´ve been really enthusiastic about UiPath apps. I started working on a simple app to get to experience more about the tool and really try to level up. The thing is that I got stuck trying what looks very simple, but it seems is not as simple. And I’m talking about a simple subtraction based on an event. The find the nature of this problem really strange and that´s why I decided to post this topic as a “Bug”.

So usually I´ve gotten familiar with explaining my problems through videos, so you can find the link for this one below, there you will know what I’m talking about and hopefully understand the overall concern.

Please feel free to give me any kind of suggestion, it doesn´t matter if it isn´t related strictly to the main query. Hopefully, I help the community this way while also tackling a problem that needs to be solved

Thank you very much, I´ll be waiting for your response.

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Hello, @Luis_Fernando Thank you for the video. Do you have Rules in the Events of the table for the Added Products like this:

Maybe you can use this event instead to do the calculations for the total instead of in the button click? let me know if you’re tried this


Hello, @argin.lerit Thank you for your response.

Yeah, for sure that might work, but I don’t see that solution as an intuitive design for the user, which is a very important factor. Dont you agree?


Thanks for the candid commentary. I personally think it’s intuitive. With this approach, now the dev can think in terms of event-driven logic rather than sequential commands that sometimes may cause issues specially when dealing with asynchronous events in web app systems. Just my 2 cents.

Please let me know if you decide to try this approach and how it turns out.


Hi @argin.lerit Indeed I tried it out, and it ain´t going to smooth at the moment.
I think the event isn´t actually running when I select a record.

I will try re-building the whole block, sometimes that works. Because at this point it looks like not even the normal features are working correctly (but only with that block).

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Thanks! Excited to see the progress!

Hey @Luis_Fernando! Have you signed up for the Insiders program? I think the VB Expressions Preview would be a huge help with what you’re trying to accomplish here. You’ll be able to write a dynamic aggregate expression, much like you describe here.

Hello @evan.cohen !!
I actually don’t know anything about the Insider Program… where can I find such thing?

Thank you very much.

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