Subtract cell value from excel

My automation searches for data in a spreadsheet and makes entries in a system.
However, for some releases I need to subtract 1 cent from the amount on the spreadsheet, otherwise the automation is interrupted.
For example: if the spreadsheet contains USD 10.00, I need to deduct 1 cent for USD 9.99.
I need to do this in the spreadsheet to stay registered.
I used While to make the entries using the function: dt_customers.rows (numLinhas) (“VALOR”). ToString, where “VALUE” is the column that holds the values.

The question is: how do I change this value in the spreadsheet and handle this exception?

Hi @Guilas,

First convert your all values into Double format and the do the subtraction. can use following method

Double.Parse(your value) - DoubleCentValue

@SamanGuruge sorry, I’m a beginner. Can be more specific ?
would be: Double.Parse(dt_teste.rows(numLinhas)(“VALOR”)) - DoubleCentValue

Sem título

Double.Parse(dt_teste.rows(numLinhas)(“VALOR”).ToString) - DoubleCentValue

Friend, I understood the logic.
But when I convert by this method he uses another measurement system: I need to subtract 0,01 but he is understanding 0.01, you know how to solve it?