How to substarct between decimal value and get exact output


I have an excel file where I have debit column and credit column. my requirment is I have to substract Credit - Debit

please check my excel file.
500900_02122021_TrialBalance.xlsx (9.6 KB)

in Debit column I have value 30059.25 and in Credit column I have value 248880.00

now my problem is when i made substraction it is showing 218821
but my output should be 218820.75
To substract from credit i have write below code

but it is giving 218821 as output.

please suggest me how I can get exact substraction value

thanks in advance.

Hi @roysupriya21

Please try below,




One way of doing that is as below

Hope this will help you


but I have to get the exact output which is 218820.75


Then no need of Balance Split step

Check as below


Kindly send me the test workflow.


I’m working on new uipath version, so you may experience some issues

Share us with your workflow, we can make modifications and reupload


substraction.xaml (6.5 KB)
please check my workflow.

I have modified my workflow as your suggestion. it is working now. thank you

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