Substring, regex, etc

Hello, i have variable:
Var1 = “axbxcxdxe 1x2x3x4 abcde CoreData.txt”
i want to get only CoreData.txt and remove the character behind Core words.
how the simply way to get it ?
iam already use right function to manipulate it but it seems not the proper way.
FYI the character behind CoreData it always changes.
thank you


Please try this

Say its stored in str variable

Str.Trim.Split({" "},StringSplitOptions.None)(Str.Split({" "},StringSplitOptions.None).Count-1)

This basically splits the data on space and then gets the last item from the output …same works for Last as well


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Hi @AndhikaDwi

Give a try to this.
Split(“axbxcxdxe 1x2x3x4 abcde CoreData.txt”," ").Last


Hope this might help you.

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Hey @AndhikaDwi


MatchRegexVariable is of type string

Regex (68.4 KB)

Hope this will help


Hi @AndhikaDwi ,

You can use Regex for this “(?<=\s)\w+.\w+$”

Hope this will help

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All of your suggest is solution thank you guys


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