Substring between two words

Hello, I need to enter the name of the Proxy for the following text:
Value of the purchase option: $ 1.370.552
Value of the private negotiation: 100.000.000
Contract status: Prepaid

Power of Attorney: JULIETA PARAMO
Additional acts:
Value of the act:
How do I make the substring so that only the name JULIETA PARAMO appears?


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can you explain a little more about how I use that regular expression, I still don’t fully understand the matches activity.

how do I leave that in a variable?

strText = YourText
strPattern = (?<=Power of Attorney: ).*

Assign Activity
strValue =


Done with:
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strpattern, is it a type variable?

is of DataType: String

I have an error

For essentials we refer to the UiPath Academy

Define a Variable of DataType: String - strPattern
Define a Variable of DataType: String - strValue

Assign Activity:

as it is a string we surround with doublequotes

thank you very much, I thought that being a regular expression it was declared in a different way, you helped me a lot.

Perfect. So topic can be closed?
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no, I still get the text after that name

We cannot see what was done in detail
at your end

Your initial sample shwowed:

Your other screenshot shows not really things in commmon e.g. we do miss Power of Attorney


We recommend, that you will train yourself a little bit more on the Regex (above link is also linking to another resource). As of now you have seen that there is the option and power of Regex. Then continue when the Basics are understood

when we cannot rely on the input samples / structures we cannot suggest a good pattern