StudioX training's solution in zip format


As I see, all the solutions provided in the RPA Citizenship training are compressed in a ZIP, which is totally unclear for me how to access them. When I open the zip file (see pic attached), it contains the following files, however I don’t have an Idea where’s the solution presented (and in which manner). Could you please help me to understand?
Thank you


Hi @johnny

Please follow these steps:

  1. You need to installed UiPath Studio first, register your UiPath Studio license if enterprise version license. Otherwise for Community version license for self-taught training just need to connect to Orchestrator to register the community license.
  2. After successful installation and activation of UiPath Studio, start UiPath Studio and select StudioX.
  3. Unzip the files into a folder where you have permission to access for example Documents folder
  4. Double-click on Main.xaml or Main to open the StudioX project which is your RPA Citizenship training

Thanks, dear

Unfortunately, seems that firewall blocks the action at the 4 step :frowning:
May be is there any other possibility to get the solution?