StudioX - Multiple actions needed on an Excel

Hello, I am trying to perform multiple actions on an Excel, but it’s not working for me. Here is what I’m trying to do:

  • Delete unwanted columns
  • Keep only 2 columns
  • Filter 1 of those 2 columns that I kept

So there are columns on my excel listed A thru Z. I want to delete all of these except Columns J & S. and then on Colum J, I want to filter only certain functions to appear. I am trying to figure out if I should do the filtering part first, or should I do the deletion first? I understand if I do the deletion first, Columns J & S would no longer be Columns J & S, I guess they would be become A & B?

Any guidance would be great, please note I have had no training on StudioX, and would greatly appreciate step by step instruction with screenshots on how to execute the asks above, TY! :slight_smile:


Please follow

  1. Use delete column activity with column name property as "A:I,K:R,T:Z" (make sure to rmoce has headers)

  1. Now use filter activity to filter as you need



Fine let’s go one by one

  1. To Delete unwanted columns, use this activity where u can mention the columns to be deleted
    For example, you can enter the following from the Text Builder:
  • A:E to delete columns A, B, C, D, E.
  • A,B,E to delete columns A, B, E.

  1. Then to filter out column use this activity and this doc has some example as well

Hope this would help you

Cheers @jennifer.x.mora

This is what i have and its not working :frowning:

This is what i have and its not working :frowning:


You have to use filter excel activity not filter datatable…

Please change the activity


ok i changed it to filter excel activity and i got this


According to the error it says the given column name is not correct or is not present…

Can uou check the exact column name even a wxtra space at end might be a problem…


Ok just so I’m clear, Colum name means the actual name of the column? Or is it asking for the column letter? i double checked the name and it is correct no spaces no misspellings. and the column letter is J… so am i supposed to put the name or the letter for the column? I should have asked that in the beginning :laughing: also there’s 2 columns that need not just one


Did the bot delete the other column when you ran or no?

Ideally it shpuld have…and you have to give th column name only and not letter j

And are the column names starting in row 1?


so once the bot is done (this was before i got the column name error message) it would say last run successful. However, when the website downloads and sports the excel, ALL the columns are still there lol it doesn’t execute my command of deleting those specific columns. So this is what it looks like when the bot says its successful (cells blacked out for privacy)

but as you can see it didn’t delete any of the columns i asked it to. Here below is what i need it to look like

and then in that column called FUNCTIONDESC, i need the bot to filter out certain functions, theres only 5 functions i need to see in this column


Did you select save changes option in use excel

Also can you run only delete and check please if its deleted without filter activity so that we xan confirm if it is deleting or not


What filter functions u need can u share ?
because it works with me im using studioX also

ok so i disabled the filter activity and just ran it with just the delete activity, and its not deleting anything. when the download happens, and excel pops up, totally blank, and on the top it says saving… and then that blank excel goes away and the actual excel download opens up looking like normal, with all the columns still intact, nothing is deleted. this is how i have it right now

this is what i have, but maybe i’m not understanding the fields… does excel file mean the actual download from the website? and the “reference as” field, is that just what i’m calling the download? and does source mean the actual excel? or the tab within the excel i am working in? also how do you have your configure filter set up?

oh and i keep getting this pop up


Is the sheetname excel view?

And are you checking the right file you used in the use excel?


When you say “sheetname” do you mean the excel itself? or the name of the tab within the excel that i am working off of? because the name of the excel itself is EPIC 2.0 - Audit Detail - Proactive Audit.
and the name of the tab that i am working off of is Excel View.

Theres only one excel that i would be working off of which is the one that gets downloaded from the website and saved to my documents, which is the file called EPIC 2.0 - Audit Detail - Proactive Audit. so i dont know what you mean by “are you checking the right file you used in the use excel”


Sheetname us correct i see…

When i say the file the file which is linked in use excel is to be verified…the below one…

I believe you linked it from the project folder and not documents where you are downloading

This is what i meant when i say correct file

Correct me if I am wrong

If you are downloading new always then are you replacing same file or deleting old?


Also how do you have your configufre filter set up?
→ Yes I have set a function in my filter

May i know the data you want to filter ? so i can help u in your problem…

also can u send dummy data ?