StudioX Download File Activity Error

When using the Common Download File Activity within StudioX, if I change the downloads folder from the default:

“User Folder\Downloads” to something else like “User Folder\Downloads\AReport”

the file still gets downloaded to the Downloads folder and then UIPath hangs. If I delete the AReports folder I get an error stating the folder is missing. I have placed a Message Box activity after this command and never get the popup message. But all works well if I use the default “User Folder\Downloads” folder.

The path you put in the download activity only tells the activity where to check for the downloaded file. Click acticity will trigger the download and if it’s in chrome for example will download it to Downloads folder by default.
So you need to tell the Download activity the actual folder where the file gets saved

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Did it work?

Yes, it worked when I used the default location, but why does the activity allow you to change the location of the download folder location if it excepts it to always be in the default location?

the location in the Download activity is not the location where you want to download. Is just the location you say to the activity to monitor.
The download location is given by chrome or internet explorer or whatever application you use to download.
So for example if your flow uses chrome to download a file, the default download location that is set in chrome is /user/downloads/ folder. So further in the Download activity you have to put that location to monitor.
if you go in chrome settings and change the default location to c:\test\ for example, all downloads made using chome will be saved there and you need then to say to the download activity to monitor that location, c:\test\ to see if the specified file is donwnloaded.
hope this si much more clear. let me know if i can help you further

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Thanks, that cleared it up for me. Did not think about the option of changing the default download directory with the browser settings.

Thanks this also helped me to understand how this module works.

I think it would beneficial id this module would also include Save as functionality to define where files are downloaded.

In my case I create a new folder and file names based on day values and I would like to download files directly to correct folder. But I think I will create a way to change that default download folder automatically to correct folder and turn it back when automation is ran.

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