StudioX - completion alerts after macro execution

Hi - I made a BOT that runs a series of macros and the only thing stopping full automation are completion alerts that come up with the macro completes. Anyone have a good way to “click” through these completion alerts?

Things I’ve tried that did not work:

  1. Click - but this is not a UI element is a macro on a local drive. Even if I put the excel activity within Use application/browser swim lane.
  2. send hotkey shortcuts - same thing, StuidoX only allows this to be used for browser
  3. I cannot disable alerts in the VBA as it will become non compliant

Hi @joseph.j.tiernan ,

Use application/browser activity by giving application path is excel exe path and under application arguments provide your Macro excel file path. Inside this use application/browser activity use keyboard shortcuts to record hotkey you want and try to close the alert window which was generating from macro. please try and let us know. thanks.


Hey @joseph.j.tiernan ,

Alternatively, if you are in StudioX or you are using Modern Excel in Studio, you can use an Excel Process Scope activity surrounding your Use Excel File card to set additional settings. One of them is Display Alerts which by default is set to false. This property controls displaying the alerts.

Alternatively, from 21.10, you can use UIAutomation activities directly inside a Use Excel File scope.


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