StudioX: Can we have a status progress bar?

Does StudioX support status progress bar?

Possible Use Case for this,
I want to access multiple applications and fetch certain data and save to CSV file
and at one point of time if I look at screen, I should be able to understand which application is currently being processed.
Having a progress status bar will really help in this case.

The high level suggestion is a good one and one we’ll think about how to make generically available in the future.

In the shorter term, the Interactive Activities available from the Marketplace will enable you to add this to your project Interactive Activities - RPA Component | UiPath Marketplace

Will they be working in StudioX as well ?

Yes, any activity can be used in StudioX with the caveat you may need to use the properties panel (where StudioX generally designs the built in activities to put all common properties directly on the designer) Frequently Asked Questions