StudioX best practice GMail automation

Hi forum.

I would like to know if there are best practices on automating GMail activities to deal with things like:

  • ensuring an email is not identified/processed twice (i.e. is it best achieved with labels or an external log?)
  • reading and writing GMail labels to from/to emails

Am using StudioX Enterprise 2023.4.2, Integration Service is not activated on our tenant and I cannot use GSuite Application Scope from the developer activities.
Thanks for any input.


1.Use move mail and move to processed or any other folder
2. this works without integration service


Thanks @Anil_G.

  1. I tested that and it assumes a label with that name exists. It’s doable but suboptimal if sharing the process as a published workflow for others to run as I would have to ensure the user created this label first. Is there a way to test if a label on a GMail already exists? This would be a super valuable feature that would allow for adequate handling of my case.
  2. Unfortunately I can’t use activities requiring GSuite Application Scope.


Then ideally for both you dont have readily available activities …you need to go with creating your own using api’s


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