Studio Update issue access to Path denied

Dear Community,

we update Studio from 2.3 → 3.2

After the update we have for all existing workflows a message Access to thePath denied.
With the old version all works fine.

The Problem only appears for Projects in a network drive.

If we create a new Project on desktop (works fine)
If we create the same in Network it failed (only in the new Studio version)
If we want install package from Network it doesnt work.

we have full read and write permissions.

Please help us.

kind regards


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Hello everyone,

i have now the same issue. Updatet the Studio from 2018.2.3 to 2018.3.3 and now the Access to the path is denied.
Like in the main post, the issue appears only for Projects in a Network drive. Cant even create a new Project.
Before the update everything was working fine.

Some hints would be nice!

Beste Tobias