Studio freezing after some action

Hello Community.
I have my xaml files of the size of almost 3mb and I am invoking another xaml from each of them. They all have the same sizes. The issue is that the studio freezes every 6-7 seconds after some action is done.

Is there a size limit for a xaml file? How could I reduce this continuous freezing of the studio knowing that I can’t further minimize the size of my xaml.

Hello @ashutoshkhantwal,

Main.xaml must not contain any code. that is caller. we must invoke a file in it by using invoke workflow file.


Hi @ashutoshkhantwal,

Please these below points.


Hello Pankaj, my main xaml has almost no codes in it and this is not regarding the main xaml file.
The workflows on which I am working after invoking give me those issues. The issue doesn’t occur while it is executed, it is there during development.

Hi Balupad,

I have the issue while developing code not while executing the same.

Hi @ashutoshkhantwal,
Can you explore the situation or possible to attached the source.


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Hello @ashutoshkhantwal,
Do you have any solution to this problem now? I am developing a workflow that is about 3.5Mb in size and it is freezing now like every 10 sec during development. Unfortunately, I cannot reduce this workflow further because everything is taking place in a “for each row” loop and I don’t know how to use the CurrentRow variable as an argument that can be imported into another workflow.
Kindly share with me how you solved your problem if you eventually got a solution.
Many thanks!

Hey, the workaround I found was not to put all the code in the same xaml file and instead invoking different files. If you are doing some operations on the datatable I would suggest using LINQ instead of a for each.