What is the size limit of workflows in 2022.10.1 and is legacy a factor?

I have a couple of Windows-Legacy projects with main.xaml’s of about 8MB in size that worked great before 2022.10.1, but after updating the designer canvas has become unusable. Moving activities, updating fields, or any modification to the file is followed by a single cpu core stuck at 100% for 10 to 15 seconds leaving Studio unresponsive. I found that deleting half of the project and reducing the xaml file size to 4MB also halves the time of the freeze.

What is a reasonable size for a single workflow? The main of the project that I’m currently working on has 2718 activities, 133 ifs, 2 switches, and approximately 350 variables.

Hello @Steven_Raines1

I don’t think there are such constraints on the number of activities and the size of .xaml file. How about the machine performance and hardware capabilities?


The PC performance isn’t an issue. The specs are
CPU: Intel i7-11700 w/ 16 cores @ 2.5GHz to 4.5GHz
RAM: 16 GB
GPU: GTX 1660 Ti w/ 6 GB VRAM