Studio Community problems after update

I’ve been using Studio Community for a year or so with no real problems. Recently it auto-updated to 2022.4.4 and now when I run Studio I am unable to edit existing projects or create new ones. A warning message at the bottom of the “Start” screen says “Detected Attended Robot as the license type… Editing is restricted”

I want to run attended, offline only. I don’t want to mess with Orchestrator if I don’t have to. I can’t see how to change License type in Orchestrator. I only want to use the free Community edition - if that’s still an option.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Try to restart Uipath Studio and then try once again.
If the issue still persists then disconnect this robot machine from the Orchestrator, reconnect it and then try again.


Change or add a new robot with unattended or attended type and connect same with your machine.


If you still have classic robots:

  • Close the Studio
  • Change the Robot type to Studio
  • Disconnect & connect the robot with Orchestrator
  • Open the Studio and check - warning error will be clear
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