Studio and Go! integration

Starting with UiPath CE 19.4, using Go! activities has become easier than ever!

How? By having a Go! Public Feed integrated directly in UiPath Studio

And nooow, some (let’s just call them) FUN FACTS about this integration:

:nerd_face: any custom activity published in Go! will automatically appear in the Public Feed

:partying_face: don’t you worry, you will still be able to check and access your downloaded components in the Gallery (building bridges, you know?)

:star_struck: the Public Feed is available for Community and Enterprise edition

:sunglasses: yes, we have more surprises in the pipeline, just stay tuned!

:smirk: after using a component, don’t forget to do your part and review it on Go!

How to get started?

:cinema: Option 1 : Before opening your Studio, watch the (very) step-by-step tutorial below. For more info, check this out

:cowboy_hat_face:Option 2: Open your Studio and start the treasure hunt! The prize: your own Public Feed :grin:let’s see how long it would take you to find it without instructions, so do share this info :sweat_smile:

You were great before! We can’t wait to see the awesome automation solutions you’ll develop now, when everything is so much easier! :rocket:

Let us know your thoughts, how is your experience with this new feature and of course, what other cool stuff you’d like Go! Marketplace to have. We are here to listen!


Hi @catalinamatei, I am unable to see the GO! in my packages, my studio version is 2019.4.2.
Can you help me in getting it.


Hi @sushmithaelluru,

Please follow up these

and this pdf too

Thanks and Regards,
Baisil G


Very useful one thank you Team UiPath :heartpulse:


hei @sushmithaelluru,

:cowboy_hat_face: @2dor can help you with more info if it is not included in the FAQ that @baisilgee was nice to share :rocket::rocket::rocket:

just let us know!

have a great day,

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Good one !

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Hi @sushmithaelluru,

The Go! public feed is visible once you open/start a existing/new project in Studio. Simply navigate to the “Manage Packages” option and the “Go!” public feed is located below the “Official” feed.

If you do not have the “Go!” option available, simply go to the settings tab in manage packages and manually add the Go! feed using the following details:
Name: Go!
Source: , then hit update.

Please let us know if the above instructions helped.



wow …this is really a nice feature
Thank you to @catalinamatei and Uipath Team


Nicely done @catalinamatei Thank you!

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it feels quite satisfying to witness the evolution of something that I’m keenly related to.
#SimplyAwesome #iLikeIt

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Nice job!

The only point i have to make, is the title of this post :stuck_out_tongue:
If you go with the rhyme, go with “Studio and Go! sitting in a tree… -” (or a version of that) To fit with the amount of syllables. haha

I was bored…


@MickeyFireMouse, check it out!
thanks for the rhyming lesson! :stuck_out_tongue:


Perfect! now i can rest in peace :slight_smile:


very nice feature provided by Uipath team

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