How to add "manage packages" to uipath studio?

I cannot “Add to studio” from the marketplace, once I have generated the feed link, where do I apply the link inside uipath?

Go for packages and right click on Gallery u will get "Configure sources"add your package by giving specific folder path i.e., package which u got from “”.

aman sheik.

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Hi There;
I followed all instructions on Go! and Studio. However packages added to Studio do not show in the “Manage Packages” window created for Go!.
These do appear in My Library on Go! as Added to Studio.
Any ideas what can be the issue?
Thanks all!

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I am having same exact issue, did you ever find solution or resolve this issue?

Hi guys,

Could you please try to click on Remove, give it 2 minutes, then try to add it again? Let me know if it works, otherwise reach out in private with your email address (the one you use to login to Go!) to myself and @AlinCopoiu.


Hi Scott;
If I remember correctly there was an issue with the Studio release and @AlinCopoiu guided me to upgrade to the latest Studio release and then it worked. Also delete any feeds created in Go! and try again.

Thanks Mary, after removing and retrying a couple of times, it started working. Just seems to either be a delay or you have to reset the Feed a couple of times before it works. Either way, it is working now. Thanks for the help.