Studio 22.10.3 Data Manager does not show variable - "Variables" does show it

Will try to be precise - I deleted unused variables - (some were still used and were wrongly identified but that is not the issue I want to highlight) when I deleted the “wrongly identified unused variable” I had to add it back… it was an Int32.


Once added back - it complained about that it was a string, and not an Int32.

As I have been using the Data Manager - I was confused even more as it showed the variable in question to be in INT…

I searched for this variable in the data manager and only one occurrence was displayed. Then I used the “old” Variables feature, and it shows the following

This makes sense as the variable was there twice albeit in a different scope…

Question: Why does the Data Manager not show this - to be sure it does show other variables that are called in other ‘scopes’…

Hi @ton_roelandse ,

I have a couple of follow up questions to help us investigate this:

  • How did you add back the previously deleted variable? Through an assign activity?
  • In Data manager, did you have any filtering or grouping on scopes enabled?
  • What version of Studio are you using?


  1. Yes - added this back through Assign Activity.
  2. The filtering that is checked is “Variables, Constants, and connections” in the data manager
  3. 2022.10.2

2022.10.3 - sorry typo

I just tried to reproduce this and wasn’t able to on the latest Studio 2022.12.0. Could you please let us know if the issue still occurs to you on the latest version?

I will report back this week and if still happens will document it thoroughly