Studio 2021.10.4 installer

One of my end users changed laptops and I want her to reinstall studio 2021.10.4, which is still used by the rest of her Team. However, I can’t find an installer for 2021.10.4. Where can I find the installer for 2021.10.4? The default installer now will install studio 2022, which I don’t want, because the other Team member are still using 2021 and the bots were developed for that.


Hello @dari_donkuro

By default, it will give you the latest version. I don’t think there are many changes to the activities if you proceed with 2022 version. Also if have built the workflow using classic activities, there are provisions in 2022 version also to switch to classic designer.

if you are using the enterprise licensed version, you can check with the account manager .

Hi @dari_donkuro

Here you go -

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Thank you very much!!.

Thank you very much for your suggestions.

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