String was not recognized as a valid DateTime (when filtering)

Please - I don’t get it. How is it accepting several lines before failing?
From time to time the provider can state different date formats, but here it should not fail?
Suddenly it stops and says ‘String was not recognized as a valid DateTime’

This is when filtering a datatable got from Excel file. (Enclosed.)

Could anyone have mercy on me and help me figure this out?
I can see some of the dates is in different format, but not the one the fails(??) (171.4 KB)

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your last reviewed date is in the format dd.MM.yyyy

so parseExact format in your filter needs to change from MM/dd/yyyy to dd.MM.yyyy

then it will work

Main.xaml (19.4 KB)

use this instead @bjorn2390
RowsWithLastDate-new.xaml (25.1 KB)

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