!String was not recognized as a valid DateTime

Hello I am having the same problem even after I tried upper solutions.

  1. I make a string with datetime.now.tostring
  2. then I make a date variable with parseexact using string made in step one
  3. then after I make a new string with datevariable.tostring

Why are you trying to do that? Just testing things?

This picture is testing, but in real code, I need to take a date from excel, and substract 6 days to send a mail on new date(6 days before). I find out that its the problem in excel variable type

ParseExact expects valid format string matching the content of the input string.
In your case the format string is likely invalid.

Better use CDate() function.


Date value in Excel is not Datetime but OADate

What to do in that case? I’m receiving that excel from HR and maybe it’s not possible for them to change format cause program is generating that file for them. CDate() is not working.

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I’ts not the same problem

So here it is string, right?
What is the format of the string? Is is “dd.MM.yy”?

When i type a string inside ParseExact like DateTime.ParseExact(“07.01.20”,“dd.MM.yy”,Globalization.CultureInfo.InvariantCulture).AddDays(-6)
It is working

but when i put assigned string from excel(it seems as same format,look in the picture) it doesn’t work

It is working

Check for any leading/trailing spaces/tabs etc. in the string from excel. It’s often a problem.

also pay attention that your excel has one blank first line…

Im making working copy DT from original excel, so it maybe makes wrong types