String to Uipath.core.Uielement please help its bit urgent

Hi Team,

Can any one tell how to convert the -String to Uipath.core.Uielement

Or Uipath.core.Genericvalue to Uipath.core.Uielement

I am taking the rows from the data table and sending them as element to the click activity

Assign activity has the code…
TBLrow =Convert.ToString(row(“Table_row”))


Are you sure the TBLRow has the right string for UiElement type?

If so you can do with UiElement constructor like this

new Uielement( new Selector("string"))
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Hi there @Seem,
I’m not entirely sure what you are trying to achieve.

What is inside your DataTable, a list of potential Selectors to click?

Alternatively, is it particular data to be clicked, such as ID 123151314?

Thanks in advance,

yes its dynamic data to be clicked… and they are at different locations

Hi there @Seem,
If it contains the specific data to be clicked on screen, you may want to consider Click Text, providing the Selector as the overarching application screen and text as TBLrow.ToString.

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You can use find element before click activity and pass the string in Selector and in FoundElement you will get the UiElement

This is how you will convert String to UiElement.

and then By using Click activity pass that UiElement to the Elemet


Thats really really great job.

The UiPath is able to get the element and click on it… :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot.

Once it clicks on the element then it goes to next form there it clicks on the following arrow button…
one more Last thing there is another one click activity(i have made this also as a dynamic selector)
well it clicks on the Arrow button.
so the click has the following dynamic selector

“<wnd app=‘saplogon.exe’ cls=‘SAP_FRONTEND_SESSION’ title=‘Display =S= Standard Order “+Convert.ToString(row(“Sales document”))+”: Overview’ /><sap id=‘tbar[0]/btn[3]’ />”

same click without dynamic selector is

The value which is marked in black keeps changing dynamically( and this value is from "sales_document) column
Can you please help me with this.


Hi Rashmi,

No the problem is not resolved yet i just once again checked it with new data , if the cells are at bottom then its going and clicking on the start button…
Please see this…
NOTE: if the values are near by then its able to go n click on them.
I mean cell0 then cell10 or cell 15, or cell 17 if the values are at cell 30 the the above error is coming
The uipath workflow

Can u please help me.


So after every iteration you have to use “Down Arrow” downHotKey

Hi Rashmi,

i did the same ,
Added “Down”
But still its behaving the same… :frowning:

Its going n hitting the “Type here to search” in the nemu ribbon…

its going out of the SAP application window

Solution for scrolling in the SAP:
We have to add 2 send hotkey activities:

  1. Hot key with “f3”
    2.Hot key with “pgdn” and u have to add the dynamic selector for this…

This is how it works successfully.

Apart from this the challanging thing is if u want to click on a particular element then - use If activity , in the condition specify the " starting row number or numbers "and in the “Then” - add the click activity.

Thank you