String to data table

Trying to convert text into excel file.
my input text is “Phone: (02Model)” , I want to write it in different cell of excel.
I split the string base on “:” , so it separates “Phone” and " (02Model)" into array of strings, now I need it different cell in a csv file, I don’t know how.
Please help.Main.xaml (6.4 KB)

Refer the below workflow

Main (20).xaml (8.5 KB)

I have used write range to write in excel, you can use write csv and provide the path where you want to save “Path.csv”


It worked ,thank you
Now in the build data table activity I added Name, Fax, Phone etc. , is it possible the “02Model” can be placed under Phone column? now I have added columns as listed above.

Yes, its possible

how ?

I tried using the cell number, but whole table starts from the cell number

Refer the below workflow, and see how i have added the data in add data row activity.

Main (20).xaml (8.4 KB)

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Well, I have Phone column after name column, and I want it to skip first cell of name column and write it into next cell of phone column. Any Idea ?

If you had seen add data row activity,where the values are present pass those, and where there are no values pass empty string “”

Please have a look at add data row activity

In you case pass empty string for name column after that pass the value and an empty string

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it worked.
Now we used index for placing in the cell,
Can we make it identify integers after spliting the string
“Name: abc mail: xyzlmncom Phone: 123” and placing the numbers in phone number column

That wont be possible according to me, still in this scenario after splitting you can take the last index and append to that column

I was thinking the same
Also got to this.

Anyways, thank you, learned a lot man

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