Splitted text write to excel


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i was splitted the attached string into individual character’s
i need to write each splitted value into excel sheet like this sample

How to write like this?
For all the values

Thanks in advance

you can use generate table or you have to build datatable

step 1 : build datatable give columns as order wise=DT is output

step2 : create array from your string

 arr_var=string.split(" "c)

step3 : add datarow

in add datarow DT is your data table and input is array variable

step4 : write range

Can you provide sample workflow?

do you have just one string variable? or do you currently have each column as separate string values?

use a Build Data Table activity to create your table and the relevant columns and then do the below.

If you have them as individual string variables you can use the “Add Data Row” activity.

in the ArrayRow section you can use the following line:
{strDate, strMon, StrTue, strWed, strThur, strFri, strSat, strSun}

in the Dt section just add the variable for your newly created table.

You now have a table and the individual string variables and you can use a normal write/append range to add to your Excel file.

Hello @rsr.chandu Have a look on the attached workflow

Example.zip (10.7 KB)


Hi @rsr.chandu,

First, convert the string you have into a list with the split function.

Then, using a loop, add column and default value with add data row for each row.



Find the below attached xmal
Split.zip (10.2 KB)


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