String operations

Hi guys, can anyone help me with below issue.
Let us take example as 88118B345673.
In above example the alphabet may be B or C and I want the value which is after B only if the alphabet is either B or C.

Please refer to attached. This code is not optimized but serves your purpose.

String.xaml (7.2 KB)

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Alternatively you could use a regular express match object to search for the match of either a B or a C and then use string manipulation to grab the substring of the characters after the index of the match

Regex.xaml (6.1 KB)

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Hi @harinathreddy.yn

use String Variable as StrFirstName.toString.Substring(0,6)

Ashwin S

Great bro it works, thanks

This expression “[B-C]” serve as B or C right ? or else will it serve as B to C?

Its range. In present context, for example [B-D] means, either B or C or D.

For more details take a look at :Regular Expression Language - Quick Reference | Microsoft Learn

And search for ‘Character range:’

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Can I use same way for other examples like [1-9] will it work?

Yes it will

thank you