String in array of string

Hello team,
how can i pass a stringVar from orchestrator asset = {“first name”,“last name”} in array of string?


@andreus91 Do you need to Store a String Array as an Asset?


Hello @andreus91,

It might be convenient to serialize your datastructures tfor storing them and deserialize them back for usage.


Yes, i have a list of number and these are variable, so depending on the day i need to pass only through certain number of this list.

For now my solution is: StringAsset on orchestrator = 1,2,3,4
GetAsset StringAsset
ArrayVar = StringAsset.split(","c)

REFramework turn on these numbers, transactionNumber < ArrayVar

Is that correct?

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@andreus91 Yes. That looks like a simple and a better method in your case, since each element is separated by a comma, you made that as a delimiter. I don’t think there is any problem with that solution. Or If you think there’s a problem, please tell us more about it.

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Thanks @supermanPunch
there should be no problems but I wanted a confirmation, before this in getTransaction i have ArrayVar = {“1”,“2”,“3”} the solution with orchestrator might be the same, no?

In orchestrator i put only 1,2,3 without comma “” ?

@andreus91 Yes, You can try and check with 1,2,3 and yes no need to put the double quotes.
You can always experiment it and check :smile: