String Bold Error


I want to write the invoice text in bold (bold) in the mail, how can I write it?

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Hey @d.ulutas

You can use HTML body for emails


Hope this helps


Hello @d.ulutas

Which email activity are you using?

There should be a property IsHTML in the properties, enable that and add html content to the body of the email. You can use tag to make a string bold.

and this is bold text

No, dont working

Okey, thanks but


Hi @d.ulutas,

Using the Create HTML Content activity, you can get a string that you can pass into the html body.

In this field, you can add all the hmtl works you want and show them in the output.


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because you cannot directly modify the fonts in the email. So you have to use the HTML tags to format the email body.

Even if you want to create a table in the email body, you need to use the HTML syntax.

You can refer the below doc.

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