Strange Anomaly using check app state on SAP

I have a worflow that loops through list of GL Account and use each of it to export spreadsheet from SAP.
there’e two scenario of “Save As” Popup when I’m going to export.


so I make the logic like this

it works but suddenly it’s not.
it’s detecting the first pop up that it shouldn’t.

also, this anomaly happen at random iteration. sometimes it pass the x iteration, sometimes the x iteration gives this anomaly.

I’m so frustated, any idea?

when the first popup is randomly detected, then check within UiExplorer

  • use the selector
  • validate
  • check left side all offered attributes and detail check relativeVisibility

Is relativeVisibility attribute existing? is it false? check app state found the popup, but it is not displayed

it actually happens before and I checked the selector, and yes the selector is green even though it’s not appear. So i make the visibility check become fully visible and it’s solved.

the case right now is similar, but the selector is red when I check it. it’s not validated

so, can you check the relativeVisibility attribute? What value does it have?

where I can check the relativeVisibility?


if you have two popups where either one can appear, you should use pick activity instead of check app state like this

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I see, I’m not so familiar with pick activity because I think it’s still work in order.

let us approach different. We observed in SAP more often following patttern:

  • when fresh started:
    • popup / dialog … is null and exists not
  • once it was the first time displayed
    • it exists in the background (e.g. element exists, check app will find it), BUT it is not displayed. So the display status we checked on the relativeVisibility status (true/false)

In the flow we did to check if the popup is diplayed or not:

  • does it exists?
    • NO - not shown
    • YES
      • is relativeVisibility=true - is Shown
      • is relativeVisibility=true - not Shown

I still don’t understand what u mean by relativeVisibility. is this what u mean?


so the selector is validating

In that case explore it within UiExplorer and


it’s detecting it as appear when I debug, but when I checked it, it’s not validated

Hi Team

This is not an anomaly. SAP behaves as it should. Read here: Modal Dialog Boxes supported by SAP Scripting - #2 by LevKushnir

So, no need to detect nothing, no need for workaround, just use proper SAP settings and you will get the proper dialog always

Best regards, Lev