Storing the match result in var not giving result

Hi, I have store the regext result in a variable, but I am not able to print it, it’s a enuramable type. how can I store in a String variable.

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@balkishan Try with regexText(0).ToString and let me know

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Use For each with “System.Text.RegularExpressions.Match” type and print/get the value from each item

Hi can you please check

Hi may I know what is the input for regex and the expression been used
Cheers @balkishan

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Input is string only bro.

But the output of Regex result is not printing

That just mean your string is empty for some reason, please review your get data variables/DataBase/Element/…

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My input string have data…but when I writing or displaying the regex result it’s giving me an error.

are you sure? becouse thats not what it look like acording to that error print

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@balkishan May be matching data is found based on pattern with input string. Because of it u might be getting error.


I am sure bro, I already printed the string var input before I use the Regex,

But it doesn’t give me any result, except throwing this error

@balkishan Your printing the value from empty enumerable or array or list, give that variable in for each and print the values.

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My Regex Input string variable have text which I printed so it contain the text, But the Regex output var is not giving me the result.

Hi Manjuts90 or what you say yes…

@balkishan whatever regex you have given is getting the output because it unable to find the matches based on regex.

If you don’t have any problem share regex along with sample text and required output.

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I can share you the workflow no issue.

@balkishan Share your workflow along with input and expected output

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see this is the Exception text I am getting, But I want only the yellow highlighted color line only.

See in the Try I am reading a duplicate column name excel, where it’s throwing the exception and going into the Catch Block, where I store the Exception result in a string Variable, And this String Variable is my Match Input, where I used the regex to extract the specific line only.
But it’s giving me the null result. (3.1 KB)

@balkishan Sorry for inconvenience i am using i unable open the workflow due to version problem, can u share the exception in text format.