Store value in DT from loop

In my xaml file I used a loop in that I used ‘Get Text’ to get the a Email ID, the loop is running until it will find the last email ID. I am getting each Email successfully. I need to store those fetched Email ID’s into DT. I use Build DT and then Assign activity after get Text (CurrentRow.Item(0) = EmailID)

any idea would be appreciated.

Hi @Gagan_Chaudhari ,

If you want to add items to an Empty Datatable, then you would require to use Add Data Row Activity.

Have you tried this Activity ?

Here you can use Add Data Row activity to use update data.

I have attached an test.xaml file with it. please go through it.

test.xaml (9.3 KB)

Hello @Gagan_Chaudhari ,

You can refer to the below post. As you want to insert to the dame datatatable you can use Add Data Row activity instead of Build datatable.

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