Storage bucket capacity in "UiPath - Flex - Unattended Robot"

Does anyone know how much capacity do we get along with the Enterprise license?

I would like to store the queue items for more than 30 days so that I can create reports of the runs for the whole year. If I am not wrong, the only option to retain the queue items is to archive them in the storage bucket.

So, I was just wondering if using storage buckets will lead to additional costs?

Hi @pratik.santani ,
Enterprise has 100 free licenses (Cloud only) and Unlimited Tenants


Hi @pratik.santani

The storage capacity you get with a UiPath Enterprise license may vary depending on your specific licensing agreement and package. UiPath typically provides a certain amount of storage capacity as part of their Enterprise offerings, but the exact capacity and terms can differ.

Regarding retaining queue items for more than 30 days and archiving them in a storage bucket, using storage buckets may lead to additional costs, depending on your UiPath licensing and the storage provider you choose. UiPath can integrate with various cloud storage providers like AWS S3, Azure Blob Storage, or Google Cloud Storage, and each of these services has its own pricing structure based on the amount of storage used and data transfer.

To get precise information about the storage capacity included in your UiPath Enterprise license and any potential additional costs associated with using storage buckets for archiving, it’s best to contact your UiPath account representative or support team. They can provide you with specific details based on your organization’s licensing agreement and requirements.


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Thanks for the detailed response Nitya.
No additional details about storage bucket capacity are present in the license documents which I recieved after buying the license.
In the admin, I can see 2 data service units. So is this data service unit associated with storage bucket or is it something else? The capacity mentioned for each data service unit is 1 gb