Storage Bucket - Activities to access Other Knd of the Data Except Txt

Hi Team,

we can upload any kind of data to storage buckets , however when it come to reading the Data from UiPath studio, we only have 1 activity called - Read Storage Text.

Would be Good -If we have other options like - Read Excel / Image / Docs.

Please Let me know , if there are specific reasons of not having this option…

Thank you ,

So you are suggesting a shared folder kept in Orchestrator…

This will be useful in a lot many ways and I totally agree!!! :beers:

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I Tried to explore it using the Config File i.e. Keeping the Config at the storage bucket…

Here is what I was able to do , let me know your feedback !


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Hi @mukeshkala

It’s a fair suggestion and I’ve added it to our tracker. In the meantime, a workaround could be using Data Service which supports any type of file.

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