Stop with rest of the process

I have a process that checks to see input file is available and processes the input. I want the bot to not to continue if input not available. How do I accomplish this?

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Hi @A_Learner,

You can create a condition for this. Check the existence of the input file with File exist. Then mark the work as excepiton by throwing it.


Hi @A_Learner

You can use a IF Else Statement and have the code in if Statement and check the input file as string.isnullorempty(inputfilepath)

And have a Throw Activity in the else statement and setting the value as

New System.Exception(“Yourcustommessagehere” )


Thanks! Do I catch this exception? Can you show small example please?


Are you using a sequential work flow or an reframework.?

In case of sequential work flow you can just keep a log message in the else part with the custom message of your choice.