How to stop the bot after throw

I have a scenario I need to check input file
If input file was not available bot needs to throw an error
drop an mail and stop the process in RE framework

Any suggestions how to implement this

Thanks in advance

Hello @rsr.chandu

You can use File Exists activity to check whether the file is present or not. Use an if activity, if file doesn’t exists, then use a Throw activity. All these activities can be placed inside a Try Catch activity.

In the Catch you can catch the exception and send the email. Else if you are using the Reframework, then in the End process you can add a email sequence.


Hello @rsr.chandu
Check the file using file existing activity in Initialization and if the file does not exist place assign as `systemexception=Exception. Process goes to end

My doubt How it will goes to end process after throwing exception

If you are checking the file exists in the Initialization state, then if there is any exception it will go directly to End process state.

Else if you checking the File exists in the Process state, then you can set the transaction item as 0, and then it will go to the End state.


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