Stop value getting round off

I have requirement where the data (numeric value) should not round off itself, I need the original value with decimals

eg: 2120000.0046 is appearing as 2120000.0045

I tried changing the column type to text but still, its getting round off.

but I need the value to be as 2120000.0046


Hello @Fresher

If you are writing the data to excel from other source, suggesting to keep an excel template with the required formats.


@Rahul_Unnikrishnan - Thanks for suggestion, Do you see any other option to stop the value getting round off.

If there are no ways, then certainly I have to create the template to achieve my output

Another approach is using the Format cell activity. Using that you can modify the format of the cell as per your requirement.


simple method we can convert a column type to text

Use a excel application scope and read the excel with read range activity and get the output as dt

  • now use for each row activity and pass dt as input
  • inside the loop use a assign activity like this

CurrentRow(“yourcolumnname”) = “ ‘ “ + CurrentRow(“yourcolumnname”).ToString

Here we will be adding a single quote before to all the value of that column

  • finally outside the for each row activity use a write range activity and pass dt as input and enable add headers property

This single quote on being written to excel will convert that column data to TEXT format

This solved the issue, so far am getting the expected output - Thanks for your help and time !!

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