Still not getting the certificate

Guys, I took UiPath certification exam with OnVue on Nov 4th and I passed, but not only I cannot view my score report but also I am not getting the email about receiving the certification.Is it normal?


It’s not uncommon for there to be a delay in receiving the official certification email or accessing your score report after passing a UiPath certification exam. The process can take a few days to a couple of weeks. If you’ve passed the exam, you should eventually receive the email and access to your score report.

  1. Wait Patiently: Give it some time, and keep an eye on your email, including your spam or junk folder. Certification emails and score reports may be delayed.
  2. Check UiPath Certification Portal: Log in to the UiPath Certification portal ( and check your certification status there. Sometimes, the information is updated on the portal before you receive the email.
  3. Contact UiPath Support: If it has been an unusually long time, you can contact UiPath’s customer support or certification support to inquire about the status of your certification email and score report.

Remember that the process can vary depending on the volume of certifications being processed, so a little patience is often required.


@sai_gupta Thanks a lot!


:+1:your Welcome

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