Step Into If blocks doesn't work

Hi, anyone notice that sometimes, when you step into an IF it just sits there for a few minutes (showing yellow clock on the IF card) then it just aborts the debug as if you pressed Stop?

Yeah ideally it takes that time when u r running in debug mode
its not the same case when u run in normal mode


yes but it stops. It does not continue running the debug. It aborts the process.

hmm ok
is it showing any error popup @george.muammar

No. And it doesn’t happen every time so its hard to reproduce.

well i think its fine as the scenario you mentioned is most likely to happen during debug time or using step into
its ideally important to note whether the activity is passed through during the normal run.
Make to keep that activity little stable try upgrading the system activity package in MANAGE PACKAGES.

Cheers @george.muammar

it’s not fine if you cannot debug a problem. Clearly it depends on how often it happens. But it can make you waste a lot of time