State Machine work

I am using a try catch block inside the state. and i have kept my workflow in the try block. And in the catch block i have assigned a exception .Im not coming out of that Try catch.I dont know why.

you must assign a state if exception occurs, please set to some state.

i have put an exception in the catch. and also in the transition i have set if exception isnot nothing then move to final state.But it is not going. @KarthikByggari

I recommend you to please refer RE-Framework. In REF, check process state. If an application exception occurs, then it will move to Init State.

Karthik Byggari

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@KarthikByggari i got it. i was creating assign as exception = exception and then calling it to next state as exception isnot nothing .But now i changed it as creating a variable and assigning it the value of exception and then calling it to next state .Now it works :slight_smile:

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