Need help with Foundation 2018.3 Lesson 12 Practice 1
Even though my workflow is the same as that in the Answer, i am unable to catch the Assign Exception.
Also, uiPath doesnt allow me to edit my exception in the catch block after i have chosen one. Is there any way to go about this, instead of having to delete and re do a new try catch block all over again?


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    Int cashIn = CInt(row("Cash In").Tostring.Trim)

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You were almost done
The expression is fine but the assign is not inside the Try block of TRY CATCH activity
That’s why if any exception occurs it’s not caught by the process
So keep that assign activity inside the try block as a first activity and then we could be.m able to catch that exception if any occurs
Also ensure that you are not running the process in DEBUG MODE

hope this would help you
Cheers @Don_Chua

Hi, Thanks for the answer.
The Assign is actually in a Try Catch block, if you refer to the bar at the top,
Try Catch > Sequence

Sorry but What do you mean by dont run in DEBUG mode? How does it change the output