Starter ML Models Make Using Artificial Intelligence Easy | UiPath

Anton McGonnell is director of AI product management for UiPath AI Fabric at UiPath.

Tony Tzeng is director of AI product management for UiPath Document Understanding at UiPath.


Ninety percent of an organization’s data is unstructured—images, videos, text, PDFs, handwritten documents, and so on. This means it is very difficult to use this data to make smart business decisions, or to do so in a timely manner.


In some occasions, time saves lives. With UiPath AI Fabric and UiPath Document Understanding, a clinic quickly processes patient data, predicts high-risk pregnancy rates, and enrolls patients to appropriate programs, avoiding 44% of low birth-weight pregnancies. The clinic is able to help their patients in a more timely manner while also saving $11 million annually.

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